Were there monkeys? Some terrifying space monkeys maybe got loose?
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What's up with the space monkeys?

We got the spacemonkeys thing, and the accompanying quote above left from the fantastic cancelled sci-fi western Firefly. It amused me so much that we bought spacemonkeys.ca. You should all go out and buy the Firefly DVDs immediately and love the genius that is Joss Whedon.

Who are you anyway?

I'm Tamara Hughes, stay-at-home mom to Wil and wife to Matt Hughes. I suppose I am a fairly typical gen-y twentysomething, with an unsurprising lack of ambition and fear of becoming a "real" adult.

I studied high energy physics at the University of Victoria before doing the mom thing. Someone told me that going to grad school was liking hitting the snooze button on life, and boy were they right. However, after defending my master's thesis in September 2005, Matt and I decided it was time to start a family, and I had no choice but to "wake up". Figuratively AND literally, as I learned quickly in my first week of mom-dom with all the 3 a.m. feedings.

Outside of momming, I like to hike, bike, and camp. Horsebackriding too, when I get the chance. I also like to make fancy drinks with little umbrellas, though that's been largely put on hiatus with the pregnancy and then the breastfeeding, and I love having friends and family over for parties.

I'm also slightly (ok, ok... massively) addicted to messing around with blogs, web design, and my computer.

Why is this page screwed up?

Well, if you're looking at it in Internet Explorer, it's Microsoft's fault. As you can see on the left, my html and css files validate with the W3C, so it should be alright. If you're looking at it in a decent browser like Mozilla or Opera, and it's still screwed up, let me know.

Explorer for some stupid reason doesn't support transparency in graphics. I think transparency is the best thing since sliced bread. And since this page is mainly for me and I use Mozilla, I make sure it looks nice to me. If you want it to look nice to you too, download Mozilla! It's free! So there!

So what's the deal with the vanity website? Do you really need your own website?

You know, I really don't. But it's fun anyways. Why else would I have an excuse to photoshop a monkey attacking an astronaut?

Tamara Hughes
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